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Project Description

vpGrid is a client-side JavaScript framework that will help you create any kind of business grid in an already existing Web Page. This Web Page could be a SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 site page, or could be an ASP.NET MVC page, or could be an ASP.NET WebForm page.

vpGrid is based on jQuery, jQuery-UI, jqGrid and qTip2.

vpGrid can integrate with any kind of server technology (Microsoft and non Microsoft) to show and manage remote data. 

vpGrid is also based on the jQuery-File-Upload-9.5.7 plugin to handle file upload/download use cases.

vpGrid takes the best out of jqGrid while having full control on the design of the grid, on user interactions, on business requirements and on remote data read/write operations.

vpGrid is currently in a refactoring process where core parts are taken away to a dedicated library on GitHub: jQuery-extensions.

Anybody who wants to leverage this library is welcomed.




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